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Мультимодальные перевозки

Multimodal freight

Multimodal freight from Europe, Southeast Asia, North, Central and South America, Africa to Russia and the CIS countries

''IVI TRANS'' has extensive experience in the organization of multimodal freight. Multimodal freight is the delivery of goods by different modes of transport under one contract.

Our goal

The main goal is to optimize delivery, thereby reducing expenses and costs.

Legislative knowledge

Norms and rules of freight forwarding may vary depending on the region, but our specialists are well aware of the customs and legislative characteristics of a particular state.


We are located in a convenient place

Our company's consolidation warehouse is located in Riga - the point of intersection of the main routes connecting east and west, north and south. Such a geographic advantage plays a key role in delivering groupage cargo from Southeast Asia, America and Europe to Russia.

Delivery stages

Multimodal freight consists of the following stages:

  • Delivery of cargo to consolidation centers in China and Europe, for the accumulation and dispatch of a groupage cargo with various modes of transportation;

  • Processing and storage of goods in intermediate and final warehouses;

  • Preparation of a package of export, transit documents;

  • Provision of data on the movement of goods;

  • Customs clearance in the Russian Federation.

To learn more about the services or cooperation opportunities, please contact us!
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